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GMAT is a test designed to evaluate your ability to manipulate data, understand information, think logically, judge accurately, and take decisions under pressure.
GMAT test has both a multiple-choice section and essay section. The multiple-choice section is in turn divided into two parts: verbal and quantitative.

The following shows the structure of a typical GMAT test:

1) Analytical writing assessment
– Issue Topic 30 minutes
– Argument Topic 30 minutes
2) Quantitative Section, 37 questions 75 minutes
3) Verbal Section, 41 questions 75 minutes

Now to the most important question:

How can we help you to achieve the score you need?

First, we will help you to understand and appreciate your strong and weak points. Then, we will move on to design a specific programme to satisfy your individual needs; if you are strong in essay writing and weak in probabilities; then we will concentrate our efforts on the later, and pay limited attention to the former.

After the test, we will be happy to advise on all aspects of your application to your chosen university, and on any other academic matter.

We offer you our experience in teaching GMAT; if you are ready to devote your time and effort, we guarantee your success.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Подготовка к GMAT проводится индивидуально и в мини-группах.

Стоимость - 2000 рублей в час.
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