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So, what else has been happening in the news this week?


  • Prince Charles presents BBC weather forecast

    Prince Charles, after he shocked television viewers in Scotland – by reading the weather on the news!

    Read the story and see the video here

  • Revealed: why canines yawn after their 'dog tired' owners

    Fans of dogs, as yet more proof has emerged that they really are man’s best friend and can demonstrate empathy. A new study has shown that dogs yawn when we yawn!

    Read about the study here



  • Gambling, drinking monks raise hell in South Korea

    A group of high-profile Korean monks, after they were forced to quit their positions in the wake of a video demonstrating some very bad behaviour.

    Read the story here


“Think globally, act locally” – Paul McCartney


  • 23% of all photocopier faults are caused by people sitting on them and photocopying their bottoms!
  • A blue whale’s aorta (the main blood vessel) is large enough for a human being to crawl through!
  • A chameleon’s tongue is twice the length of its body.
  • A company in Taiwan makes dinnerware out of wheat, so you can eat your plate!


This week we have a gallery of work by conceptual artist Daniel Buren, who has taken over the Grand Palais in Paris. He has come up with a stunning kaleidoscope-style installation.

See it here


Enough of the news, how did you get on with last week’s homework?

Explain the differences between the following pairs of words:

  1. ENGLAND AND (GREAT) BRITAIN – England is only one part of GB.
  2. (GREAT) BRITAIN AND UNITED KINGDOM - GB includes England Scotland and Wales. UK comprises GB and Northern Ireland
  3. (GREAT) BRITAIN AND THE BRITISH ISLES – British Isles includes GB, the whole of Ireland and all other islands in the area
  4. EUROPE AND CONTINENTAL EUROPE – “Continental Europe” usually refers to mainland Europe, especially central and south
  5. THE MIDDLE EAST AND THE FAR EAST – the Middle East is approximately between Egypt and Iran. The Far East is China, Korea, Japan, Thailand, etc.
  6. INDIA AND THE INDIAN SUBCONTINENT – The subcontinent includes India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc.
  7. AMERICA AND NORTH AMERICA – America means US. North America also includes Canada (and technically, Mexico)
  8. SOUTH AMERICA AND LATIN AMERICA – South America is the land south of Panama. Latin America also includes Central America and Mexico
  9. THE ARCTIC AND THE ANTARCTIC – Arctic is north polar region. Antarctic is south.
  10. AUSTRALIA AND AUSTRALASIA – Australasia includes Australia, New Zealand and other islands in the region.
  11. SOUTH AFRICA AND SOUTHERN AFRICA – Southern Africa includes South Africa and neighbouring countries

What is the difference between the following adjectives?

  1. Arab and Arabic – Arabic is normally only the language
  2. Scottish and Scotch – Scotch normally refers only to products of Scotland e.g. Scotch Whisky, Scotch Beef
  3. Oriental and Occidental – Oriental is Eastern, Occidental is Western
Which countries are sometimes called (colloquially):

  1. The States - US
  2. Down Under - Australia
  3. The Land of the Rising Sun - Japan
  4. The Emerald Isle - Ireland

For each country below give a) the adjective and b) the word describing the person from that country:

  1. SWEDEN – Swedish, a Swede
  2. PAKISTAN – Pakistani, a Pakistani
  3. THAILAND – Thai, a Thai
  4. SCOTLAND – Scottish, a Scotsman / a Scotswoman, Scot
  5. TURKEY – Turkish, a Turk
  6. ENGLAND – English, an Englishman, an Englishwoman
  7. HOLLAND – Dutch, a Dutchman, a Dutchwoman
  8. SPAIN – Spanish, a Spaniard
  9. FRANCE – French, a Frenchman, a Frenchwoman
  10. NEW ZEALAND – New Zealand, a New Zealander
  11. DENMARK – Danish, a Dane

And the riddle:

Copying, and diamond bright,
Black as any inky night.
Life we know it, at the heart,
An alcohol’s essential part.

The answer is CARBON

And now for your homework this week!


Match each item from the first group of words with the most suitable item from the second group of words.

a bar, a pair, a box, a pound, a roll, an ounce, a yard, a pint, an acre, a bottle, a gallon, a bunch, a tin, a tube, a packet, a jar

of matches, of soap, of potatoes, of cloth, of shoes, of milk, of tobacco, of film, of flowers, of toothpaste, of land, of wine, of sardines, of petrol, of jam, of cigarettes


Choose the correct word for each space below.


Please look after your money or you’ll ??????? it.

That screw is a bit tight. Can you please ???????? it?

The opposite of “to find” is “to ????????”.

I tied Olga’s dog to the tree but it got ???????? and ran away.


Paul thinks she’s beautiful but I don’t ?????? with him.

This machine does not ??????? damaged coins

They will only ?????? to do the job if you pay them first.

Paul finds it difficult to ??????? that his wife is dead.


Ten years ago John had nothing; ????? he is a millionaire.

I’ve lost contact with Anne. I don’t know where she is ??????.

Is that ring ?????? made of gold?

Tell me the truth, Olga. What ??????? happened?


The punishment had no ?????? on Carlos. As soon as he left prison he began to steal again.

The new taxes will ??????? the rich;  they will have to pay more.

The higher bus fares will not ??????? me. I have a car.

The medicine had an immediate ???????. I felt better almost at once.


The police were unable to ????? the football fans who ran onto the pitch.

An inspector came along the train to ????? all the tickets

Xavier is really a wild boy. His parents can’t ?????? him.

Olga, I advise you to ????? all your answers before you send me your homework.


You look terrible, Olga. I ???????? you to see a doctor.

Susan never listened to her father’s ????????.

Olga, I’m very grateful to you for your ???????.

I am sorry Olga, I really do not know what to ???????.

And finally your lovely riddle to solve:

Rather empty, views are clear,
Some say it’s the final frontier.
Watched through time by little men,
Who go and now come back again.

Have a good week and until next week when I will write again with more news and homework

Best wishes


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