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This week we’ve been arranging work placements and group visits for upcoming students. And we’ve also had a lovely social event in our café for students featuring pancake tossing!

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OK, let’s take a look at some of the more interesting things that have been happening in the news this week:


  • A human ‘spiderman’, who successfully climbed a 22-storey hotel in Cuba this week – with no ropes or safety equipment.
    Read the story and see the pictures here:

  • Those who suffer from colour blindness, as a new set of hi-tech glasses have been revealed that may well cure the condition in sufferers.
    Read the story here:


  • A van driver who flipped his vehicle over in Newquay, UK – and wedged it against the side of a hotel.
    See the pictures here:

  • A couple on the water in Hawaii, who had there serene canoe cruise interrupted by a very rude humpback whale.
    See the video here:


“Only dull people are brilliant at breakfast.” – Oscar Wilde


  • In 1811, nearly a quarter of all women in Britain were named ‘Mary’.
  • Every year, Peruvians eat more than 60 million guinea pigs.
  • Caffeine is made of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen: the same as cocaine, thalidomide, nylon, TNT and heroin.
  • In 2012, Apple Inc had more money in its bank account than the US Government.


This week we have an incredible selection of photos featuring underwater sealife in close-up. Have a look here:


OK, enough of the news. How did you find last week's "Eating Idioms" homework? Well, here are the answers:


1. It's not my taste - b) I don't like it
2. I had to eat my words - d) I was proved to be wrong
3. I've had my fill - f) I don't want any more
4. That didn't go down well - c) It wasn't popular
5. I bit his head off - e) I spoke sharply to him
6. I made a meal of it - h) I took too long to do it
7. I could eat a horse - a) I am extremely hungry
8. I've got a sweet tooth - g) I love chocolate and other sweets


1. Paul: I can't afford the rent on my flat. My parents have said I can go back and live with them but I'd feel such a failure.
Olga: I think you'll just have to E) SWALLOW YOUR PRIDE and accept their help.

2. Paul: Keep away from Rachel this morning. She's in a bad mood.
Olga: I know. She B) BIT MY HEAD OFF for no reason when I arrived.

3. Paul: So, Tom apologised for what he'd said to you?
Olga: Yes, but the whole experience has A) LEFT A BAD TASTE IN MY MOUTH

4. Paul: I thought you liked your job? Why do you want a change?
Olga: I need a fresh challenge - F) SOMETHING TO GET MY TEETH INTO

5. Paul: I'm going to try to fix the car myself.
Olga: Well, if it's difficult, don't do it. Don't H) BITE OFF MORE THAN YOU CAN CHEW

6. Paul: So, what do you think about the new budget proposals?
Olga: I haven't really had time to C) DIGEST all the details yet.

7. Paul: I feel like taking a few days off work, but I really need the money.
Olga: The problem with you is you always want to D) HAVE YOUR CAKE AND EAT IT

8. Paul: I've failed my university exam. I'm not sure if I can re-take it?
Olga: I think you can. I think you're allowed G) A SECOND BITE OF THE CHERRY


1. I bit off more than I could CHEW
2. You can't have a second BITE at the cherry
3. He had to SWALLOW his words.
4. SWALLOW your pride and say you'll accept.
5. I need something to get my TEETH into.
6. It left a bad TASTE in my mouth.
7. I said sorry but Olga just BIT my head off.
8. My idea didn't go DOWN very well.

Any finally last week's riddle:

A sealed glass box containing 500,000 American one-dollar bills was a popular attraction at the world's exhibition. This was a fundraiser where people could buy a ticket to guess how many bills were in the box. At the end of the exhibition, the seal was broken and the bills counted. Only $470,000 was counted. Mr. Cancun was responsible for enclosing the money. When questioned by Detective Jones, Mr. Cancun said that he personally counted each bill by hand. "To be sure," he added, "I counted them twice by hand during the two days before the box was sealed. I could have been out by 80 or 90 dollars, but not 30,000!" he protested. Detective Jones knows the Cancun is lying. How can he be so sure?

The answer is -

It wouldn't have been possible to count the bills even once by hand two days before. Averaging one per second, it would take over 5 days of non-stop counting to count 500,000 one-dollar bills.

And now for this week's homework:

1) How long did the Hundred Years War last (between England and France)?
2) Which country makes Panama hats?
3) From which animal do we get catgut?
4) In which month do Russians celebrate the October Revolution?
5) What is a camel's hair brush made of?
6) The Canary Islands in the Atlantic are named after what animal?
7) What was King George VI's first name?
8) What color is a purple finch?
9) Where are Chinese gooseberries from?

Easy or difficult? Well, we will send you the answers next week.

And finally, your riddle this week is:

Another name for factory,
A growing thing in a pot to see.
What you do to seeds,
And the opposite to weeds.

Have a good week and "see you" next Friday.

Best wishes

Paul & Jill

Paul Stevens - Director (based in San Diego, USA)
Jill Tyler - General Manager (based in Plymouth, UK)

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