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This week we’ve been upgrading our IT package and making sure everything is in place for the students we have coming this month.

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OK, let’s have a look at some of the more interesting things that have been reported in the UK media:


  • Those who want to see the future, as an Iranian scientist has claimed that he has invented the first ever machine to allow us to predict the future.
    Read the story here

  • Hapless men who want to learn how best to propose to their future wives, after a woman has launched a service teaching others how to ask the question correctly.
    Read the story here


  • Those who feel sentimental about their artificial body parts, as it’s been revealed that metal implants are being recycled after death.
    Read the story here

  • A couple who were caught by Google’s ‘Street View’ Camera Car – having sex by the side of the road.
    Read the story here


This week we have an astonishing photo gallery by UK photographer Jack Daly, which looks at people’s obsessions.
See it here


  • 40% of all bottled water sold in the world is tap water.
  • More than twice as many people are killed on the planet every year by vending machines than are killed by sharks.
  • Anthophobia is the fear of flowers.
  • Ostriches can be trained to herd sheep.


“Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter.” – Mark Twain


Right - enough of the news. Here are the answers to last week's homework.

1. POVERTY is one of the world's great problems (POOR)
2. Olga, always tell the TRUTH (TRUE)
3. I must drink something. I'm dying of THIRST (THIRSTY)
4. I must eat something. I'm dying of HUNGER (HUNGRY)
5. He's very bright. He passed the exam with EASE (EASY)
6. In his YOUTH John travelled a lot. Now he is too old (YOUNG)
7. Olga, I don't know how to express my GRATITUDE for your help (GRATEFUL)
8. It's very late. There's not much LIKELIHOOD of his coming now (LIKELY)
9. To be a soldier you need to be strong and in good HEALTH (HEALTHY)
10. There was no doubt about his GUILT. He was sent to prison for 5 years (GUILTY)
11. He escaped to FREEDOM by climbing over the prison wall (FREE)
12. The DEATH of the president was announced on the radio (DEAD)
13. He was a very thoughtful, philosophical person. A man of great WISDOM (WISE)
14. She felt great ANGER at being treated so badly. (ANGRY)
15. He left his small town to find FAME in the big city (FAMOUS)
16. It was a long, slow film. I nearly died of BOREDOM (BORING)
17. The ice quickly melted in the HEAT of the sun (HOT)
18. His PRIDE was hurt when a younger man was given the job ahead of him (PROUD)
19. I think it shows STRENGTH of character to admit when you are wrong (STRONG)

And the riddle:

Farmers in the country,
Must do this before things grow.
Ladies in their armchairs,
With a needle make a row.

The answer is SOW

This week's homework is about Similes (as …. as / like ….)


Complete the following as …. as … similes

1. Paul is as mad as a ?????; you would not believe the crazy things he does.
2. Olga, you're not eating enough; you're as thin as a ?????.
3. John never says a thing; he's as quiet as a ?????.
4. You'll have to shout. Olga is as deaf as a ?????.
5. I'm afraid I can't read this newspaper. Without my glasses I'm as blind as a ????.


Complete the following sentences.

1. I feel great now. I ????? like a log.
2. No, it's not difficult, Olga. It's as easy as ????? off a log.
3. After eating that bad food I was as sick as a ?????.
4. When I knew she had cheated me I felt as sick as a ?????.
5. Her face suddenly went as white as a ?????.
6. She's very clever; she knew the answer as quick as a ?????.
7. I must give this plant some water. It's as dry as a ?????.
8. Olga is as strong as an ?????.
9. David went to the pub and drank 6 beers; he was as drunk as a ?????.
10. No wonder he's fat. He drinks like a ????? and eats like a ?????.

And finally your riddle this week:

An outing, maybe in the car,
It can be near or very far.
On paving stones, you hit the street,
Sometimes over your own feet.

Have a good week and "see you" next Friday.

Paul & Jill

Paul Stevens - Director (based in San Diego, USA)
Jill Tyler - General Manager (based in Plymouth, UK)

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