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This week we've been planning our summer school and have been preparing to welcome lost of junior students to the College on Monday!
The summer is our busiest time of the year and many of our courses are already fully booked.

So, what strange news has been reported in the British media this week?

  • Caterpillar fans, after millions of them invaded a graveyard in Southend, UK.
    Take a look at the spooky photos here

  • Bus users in Sweden, who suddenly found themselves appearing on film posters and in adverts in a "live photoshop" experiment.
    See it here


  • Turkish border officials, after they let a little girl get through customs using a passport for her toy unicorn!
    Read the story here

  • Two window cleaners in New York City, after they were left dangling 44 storeys up after a mishap.
    See the video here


This week we have a hilarious video involving a bride and groom who have decided to use a zipwire to get to their ceremony with disastrous results. See it here


  • Squirrels can remember the hiding places of up to 10,000 nuts.
  • In 2011, cheese was the most stolen food item in the world.
  • The first mobile phones cost ?20,000 and had a battery life of only 20 minutes!
  • The bee hummingbird is the world?s smallest bird. It weighs about the same as a teabag!


"Procrastination is like a credit card: it's a lot of fun until you get the bill." -- Christopher Parker


So, how did you find the "Temperature Idioms" homework last week? Well, here are the answers.


1. got cold FEET
2. LEFT me cold
3. LOST my cool
4. frosty RECEPTION
5. in cold BLOOD
6. as cool as a CUCUMBER
7. in the cold LIGHT of day
8. poured cold WATER on it
9. OUT in the cold
10. keep COOL


1. During the Apartheid years South African sportsmen were left OUT IN THE COLD because most countries refused to play them.

2. Paul: Now that you've had time to think about it what are you going to do?
Olga: Well, I suppose IN THE COLD LIGHT OF DAY I ought to go back home and try and find a job there.

3. Paul: I'll murder him. How dare he talk to me like that!
Olga: KEEP COOL ! Losing your temper won't help.

4. Paul: You don't look very happy. What's wrong?
Olga: I just presented my plan to the rest of the staff but they all POURED COLD WATER ON IT. They didn't like it at all.

5. Paul: Did you hear the news? A policeman has been murdered in the city centre.
Olga: Yes, apparently he was killed IN COLD BLOOD in front of a group of shoppers.

6. Paul: I see that film you went to see at the cinema got a very good review in the newspaper.
Olga: You're joking! I'm amazed. I'm afraid it LEFT ME COLD

7. Paul: Sarah is amazing. She always seems so calm and in control.
Olga: I know what you mean. She's always AS COOL AS A CUCUMBER

8. Paul: So, you met John's parents at last?
Olga: Yes, though I'm not sure they really liked me. They gave me quite a FROSTY RECEPTION

9. Paul: Why did you have a fight with Robert?
Olga: Oh, he started saying stupid things about the war in Afghanistan. I got really angry with him. I suppose I LOST MY COOL

10. Olga: You left the girl standing at the altar! Why didn't you come?
Paul: I thought a lot about it and I decided I wasn't ready to get married. I GOT COLD FEET


Choose the correct word in the following sentences:

1. He's as COOL as a cucumber. Nothing upsets him.
2. His speech got a very LUKEWARM reception.
3. My views sometimes get me into HOT water but I don't care.
4. They poured COLD water on my ideas. Naturally I was very disappointed.
5. I got COLD feet at the last minute. I just wasn't ready to do it.
6. Stop getting so HOT under the collar. We've got plenty of time.
7. Contracts are a HOT potato around here at the moment.
8. In the COLD light of day I can see it was a mistake. I'm sorry.

And the two riddles?

Riddle 1:

Pronounced as one letter,
But look and you'll see,
That really I'm written with three.
I'm read from both ends,
The same either way.

What am I?

The answer is EYE

Riddle 2:

They call me a man, but I'll never have a wife.
I was given a body, but not given life.
They made me a mouth, but didn't give me breath.
Water gives me life and sun brings me death.

What am I?

The answer is a snow-man

Your homework this week is called "House and Home Idioms":


Match the following expressions (1-8) with the meanings below (a-h):

1. We got on like a house on fire.
2. She's nothing to write home about.
3. It's as safe as houses.
4. It really brought it home to me.
5. He brought the house down.
6. We did it in-house.
7. They ate us out of house and home.
8. Put your own house in order.

a. Sort out your own problems first.
b. We liked each other a lot.
c. The audience applauded a lot.
d. It made me realise.
e. We had no food left.
f. She's not especially good-looking.
g. It's very safe.
h. We did it ourselves.


Fill in the following words and expressions in the dialogues below:

a. house and home
b. write home
c. home from home
d. a good home
e. no-one at home
f. come home
g. brought home
h. the home straight

Olga: You always stay in the same place when you go on holiday, don't you?
Paul: Yes. The same hotel in London every year. It's a real ????? for us.

Paul: My brother and his family came to stay with us for Xmas. They nearly ate us out of ?????. We spent a fortune on food.

Olga: Kate likes to talk, doesn't she? It's difficult to shut her up.
Paul: Yes, she'll sit and talk until the cows ????? if you let her.

Olga: Pam can be a bit slow sometimes. I often have to explain things several times.
Paul: I know what you mean! Sometimes it seems as if the lights are on but there's ????? !

Olga: Have you seen Christine's new boyfriend? What's he like?
Paul: Well, he's ok I suppose. Certainly nothing to ????? about.

Olga: We must have picked enough strawberries by now, surely?
Paul: Keep going! We only need a few more kilos. We're on ????? now.

Olga: I have a great new CD player. I wish I knew somebody who could give my old music centre ?????.

Paul: I never used to worry about having one or two drinks and driving home, but last year a friend of mine had a terrible car accident. It really ???? to me the reality of drinking and driving.

And finally, your riddle (an easy one this week?)

Take off my skin
I won't cry, but you will! What am I?

Have a lovely week and until next week.
Paul & Jill

Paul Stevens - Director (based in San Diego, USA)
Jill Tyler - General Manager (based in Plymouth, UK)

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